Workshop 2017

Abstracts from our 2017 Workshop

Community-Engaged Scholarship in Indian Country Symposium
University of Tulsa and Gilcrease Museum
Tulsa, OK

Miami Tribe of Oklahoma
Miami, OK
April 20-21, 2017

Wednesday, April 19

Invited speakers and guests arrive. Check in to Fairfield Suites, 111 Main St. Tulsa.

Thursday, April 20

8:00                 Shuttle to Gilcrease/HCAR

8:30                 General Welcome and Introductions (Open to the Public*)

9:00-9:30        Opening Discussion: Framing CES and Symposium Objectives

9:45-10:15      CES and Indigenous Geography

  1. Jacki Rand, Mary Wise and David De La Torre: “Iowa Native Spaces: An Enduring Digital Humanities Project”

10:30-12:00    CES, Youth, and Family

  1. Sande Garner: “Community Driven Research with the Eastern Shawnee Tribe”
  2. Rebecca Gillam & Lester Randall: “Collaborative Youth Programming between the University of Kansas and the Kickapoo Tribe of Kansas”
  3. Sarah Adams-Cornell, Summer Wesley, & Kendra Wilson-Clements: “Community Engaged Intervention and Advocacy: The Matriarch Model”

12:30-2:00      Lunch and Roundtable Discussion – Benefits and Challenges of Community-Engaged Scholarship in Indian Country. Open to the public (registration required*).

2:15-3:45        CES, Tribal Governance, and Indigenous Studies Programs

  1. Jim Wilson, “Tribalography, Tribal Programs and the Community College Curriculum
  2. Nicky Michael— “Academia as a Training Ground for Tribal Work”
  3. Chief Glenna Wallace, Christine Ballengee-Morris and Marti Chaatsmith—“Indigenous Knowledge for our Future Generations: Collaborations between Indigenous Communities, Tribal Governments, and Academia”

4:00-5:00        CES Methodologies – Public Presentation and Q & A    

Keith Carlson, “Graduate Fieldschools and the Undergrad Community-Engaged History ‘Collaboratorium’ at the University of Saskatchewan” – A public presentation followed by a Q & A session focused on CES methodologies.

Return to Hotel. Dinner on your own.

7:30-9:00        Public Reception Hosted by the Oklahoma Indigenous Studies Alliance

Program: Christina Burke, Philbrook Museum, Lindsey Smith, OSU, Brian Hosmer, TU will introduce OISA to audience.

CES and the Needs of Tribal Nations

Keith Thor Carlson and Sonny McHalsie— “Mapping the Stó:lo Transformer’s Travels and Works: Territoriality and the Gendering of Aboriginal Historical Consciousness

Benjamin Barnes, Second Chief, Shawnee Tribe,  “Fort Ancient Ceramics and the Revival of Shawnee Pottery”

Friday, April 21

8:00                 Shuttle to Gilcrease/HCAR

9:00-10:30      CES/Public History

  1. Buck Woodard—American Indian Initiative/CWF: “The Return of Indian Nations to the Colonial Capital: Heritage Relationships, Indigenous Pilgrimage, and the Production of Native Public History”
  2. Brian Hosmer, “A Retrospective on Community-Engaged Scholarship at the Newberry Library
  3. John P. Bowes, “Historians as Expert Witnesses for Tribal Governments”

10:45-12:15    Archaeology and Community-Engaged Scholarship

  1. Thomas Foster, “Community-Engaged Scholarship and the Reconstruction of the Creek Council House”
  2. Christine Thompson and Kevin C. Nolan: “Building Relationships, Research, and Collaboration in the former Northwest Territory
  3. Angela Cooper, “Visitors’ Preconceptions of Native Americans at Museums”

12:30-1:15      Working Lunch: Review, Revise, and Evaluate Symposium Objectives

Shuttle to Fairfield

2:00-3:30        Travel to Miami, Oklahoma – Council house of the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma – Transportation provided courtesy of the Shawnee Tribe

4:00-5:30        CES/Myaamia Center

  1. Cam Shriver: “Opening Doors to Indian Country: the Perspective of an Early-Career Academic”
  2. George Ironstrack and Bobbe Burke: “A History of the Myaamia Center”
  3. Haley Strass and Susan Mosley-Howard, “Community Well-being Research”

5:30-6:00        Closing Reflections – Stephen Warren “Revolving Doors of Collaboration: A Retrospective on Engaged Scholarship”

6:30-7:30        Dinner – Provided courtesy of the Miami Tribe and the Shawnee Tribe

8:30-10:00      Social Singing and Dancing